Discovery Bay International School is an institution founded in 1983 by the Cha family. It currently offers education all the way from kindergarten to high school. The school provides an outstanding holistic international education to students in an inclusive and nurturing learning environment while seeking to inspire and empower their potential as global citizens in a rapidly changing world.



Discovery Bay International School (DBIS) has been an active supporter of Habitat for Humanity Hong Kong since August 2022. Over a dozen students are part of the Habitat for Humanity ECA (Extra Curricular Activity), driving various activities on campus to raise awareness of Habitat’s work and fundraise for the cause of decent and affordable housing.  

The teacher leading the ECA, Mr. Richard Koenig, previously worked for Habitat for Humanity in South America and provides passionate support and direction to the students.




DBIS’ main focus last year was to raise awareness of Habitat throughout the school. To achieve this, a couple of the student volunteers presented in different class assemblies over the course of a whole week. They talked about the housing crisis in Hong Kong and how they intended to take action to assist vulnerable families by working with Habitat for Humanity and undertaking community service. Other students wrote articles which were published in the school’s journal and made business accounts on social media, advocating for and promoting Habitat. 

This year, DBIS has shifted its focus to fundraising and charity events to assist in the collection of funds that will then be either donated to Habitat or used to help the less fortunate directly. So far, they have organised two major fundraising events, one just before Christmas vacation in December and the other in March. Banners and posters were put up throughout the school, asking people to attend and enjoy themselves while doing what they could to improve Hong Kong’s housing conditions. The former event was on a bigger scale and ended up raising around HK$3000! Both events consisted of a scrumptious brownie sale and busking. The idea was for people to enjoy their brownies and sing along to upbeat music. 

The Habitat for Humanity ECA in DBIS also comprises an art section where some of the school’s best artists create mesmerising paintings that could be then sold in an art sale to raise money. They have already made a couple that are ready for the market. One of the students, who specializes in design technology, is collaborating by making small but efficient multipurpose furniture items that can then be donated. The ECA is looking to increase its impact in the local community and recruit more student members in the coming years.

If you are interesting in starting an ECA or Habitat club at your school, please email partnerships@habitat.org.hk to find out more.

Written in collaboration with Tanush Gupta from DBIS.