Become a local NGO partner

We partner with over 30 local NGOs in every district across Hong Kong to deliver the following services:

Renovations and repairs in public rental housing 

De-cluttering and deep cleaning in public rental housing

Home modifications for the elderly to enable them to safely age in place

Part-time employment opportunities for local domestic workers

Distribution of home hygiene kits to public rental housing and subdivided units

One-off renovation projects to support disadvantaged women, children and the elderly

Special projects to improve the home learning environment for disadvantaged children

We are always looking for new NGO partners to collaborate with and to form long-lasting and meaningful partnerships. If you are supporting vulnerable low-income families, elderly or disabled people that might benefit from our services, we welcome referrals that meet the following criteria:

  • Recipient of CSSA
  • Recipient of Old Age Allowance, Normal Disability Allowance, Higher Disability Allowance, Normal Old Age Living Allowance, Higher Old Age Living Allowance

Following a referral, we will arrange a home visit to meet the family, social worker and/or your organisation and undertake a needs assessment. If there is a need for renovation, we will bring a licensed contractor for a follow up visit to review the work required. We will then schedule the works to be carried out, with the help of contractors and/or volunteers.

To find out more about becoming a local NGO partner, email