Grandpa and Grandma Wong are in their seventies and have been waiting for public housing for many years. They are currently living with six other families in a subdivided house with poor hygiene. Not only are the rooms small, but there are also mouse trails in the corridors. During the epidemic, only more careful cleaning around the house could be done.

Both Grandpa and Grandma Wong are chronic patients which means they still need to visit the hospital regularly for consultation. Grandma Wong worked as a cleaner in the wet market but due to her age, both her legs are suffering from Repetitive Strain Injury. Now she’s no longer working and they can only rely on the CSSA subsidy scheme to support their daily lives. The prices of masks are now much more expensive than before and they must be changed every day. For many low-income families, it is definitely not an easy time. “If there’s not enough masks, we are left with no choice but to reuse it”, Grandpa and Grandma Wong said to us.