Project Home Works



One fifth of the population in Hong Kong lives below the poverty line and nearly 50% of the population lives in some form of public housing.

Our Project Home Works programme fills a critical service and resource gap by providing cleaning, repair, renovation and modification services for vulnerable families, elderly and people with disabilities living in public rental housing. We work with local NGOs and social workers to identify families most in need of our services.


Volunteers work alongside licensed contractors to renovate walls and ceilings, providing an immediate improvement to the safety and sanitation of these homes.

Deep Cleaning

The low-income, elderly and disabled families we support are unable to maintain their homes due to physical or financial limitations. Their flats are small, and hoarding creates unsanitary living conditions which can affect personal hygiene, cooking, and be a fire hazard.

We partner with local NGOs and social enterprise organisations who are supporting unemployed local domestic workers, to provide de-cluttering and deep cleaning services for these vulnerable members of the community. This programme also provides meaningful connection and demonstrates to our home partners that they are cared for by the community.

Home Hygiene Kits

Having a safe and hygienic home contributes to improved health outcomes and reduced risk from viruses and bacteria. By increasing awareness of hygiene practices, we can promote behavioural change and have a positive impact on community health.

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have partnered with 30 local NGOs and distributed nearly 5,000 home hygiene kits to vulnerable members of the community living in public rental housing and subdivided units.

Our home hygiene kits contain face masks, disinfectant wet wipes, detergent, multi-purpose disinfectant liquid, towels, laundry powder, hand sanitiser and other essential items, including an information leaflet on home hygiene.

You can sign up to be a volunteer to get invovled in our Project Home Works programme.