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In Hong Kong, there are a lot of individuals and families with financial difficulties. Their living environments can easily deteriorate with time, causing plaster walls to crumble and plaster can fall off from walls and ceilings.

At the beginning of this year, through referrals from partnering social workers, we have paid two visits to Mr. Wong, who lives in Shan King Estate, Tuen Mun. Our first encounter with Mr. Wong was mainly to understand the current problems he faces in regards to his living environment and to observe areas that can allow licensed contractors and our volunteers to operate.

Mr. Wong’s current public housing unit consists of a living room, a bathroom and a kitchen. Upon entering, there are visible signs of paint peeling off the wall near his bed, and the crumbling plaster will fall onto his bed and floor. There are similar circumstances in his bathroom, with stains and patches on his ceiling, which severely impacts Mr. Wong’s quality of living.

Before moving to Shan King Estate, Mr. Wong lived in a nearby Halfway House. He has lived alone in this unit for over twelve years, and he visits his mother and sister in Yuen Long every week. He is a lively and energetic man, besides telling us about problems related to his living conditions, he happily shares his past proud achievements, including how he was invited to perform in a television show A Wall-less World Series. The social workers and we all thought it was quite awesome!

After the visit, we quickly arranged a date for renovations. During the end of January, with the help of our volunteers, we used an entire day to renovate his home, scraping off old paint from the walls and ceilings, repainting a new coating and cleaning his flat.

“The wall here was very patchy before, with layers of uneven paint and plasters flaking off. However, it looks very nice now after the renovations. My wish for the new year is to have a clean, tidy and uncluttered space!”

Mr. Wong happily said, after witnessing his living area become shiny white and clean again.


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