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Volunteers’ Story

“Living with your family is important. That’s why I want the Siem Reap families we helped to have their own house, to make their families united and live happily.”

Kandy Wong (Celebrity, joined 2017 Cambodia Build & 2013 Sichuan Build)



“Give them a home, not just build a house”

Olivia, (joined Habitat build every year since 2005, volunteered in Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Nepal, China, Mongolia…etc for more than 13 build projects)



“There are different types of volunteer opportunities, however, building a home is the most attractive choice for me as the outcome is so visible.”
Geoffrey (Participated in 2018 Myanmar Build, 2016 Vietnam Build)




It’s easy for young people like us to do renovation work, but not for those more elderly, especially moving furniture and climbing up and down.
Deep (Part time Project Yi Jin Student, Active Project Home Works Volunteer, volunteered at 2016&2017 Habitat Young Leaders Build)


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