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Volunteers’ Story

Julia Ferraz / Communications Manager, Asia-Pacific at Habitat for Humanity International

In 2018, I went to Myanmar to cover our first Asia Build. This has been one of the highlights of my work with Habitat: the chance to have honest and authentic conversations with people from different countries and backgrounds, transformed by the power of decent and affordable shelter – it really motivates me to do my best at work and capture the essence of Habitat’s mission and vision. I still think about Daw Yee and her family and wish, from the bottom of my heart, that they continue to thrive!

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Jack Boardman / Organiser of the “Hectic Hike” Fundraising Campaign

I am raising money for Habitat for Humanity which is a fantastic charity with the change that they bring to so many lives to people from all different backgrounds, is fantastic. This challenge is taking me to many new heights and corners of Hong Kong, and many of these paths take me through the communities that really need this support. I hope that my videos can put a smile on some of their faces as they watch me climb, sweat and struggle my way across the city.

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Sita Ng / Volunteer Engagement Senior Officer at Habitat for Humanity Hong Kong

“When I became a licensed architect more than ten years ago, I pledged to provide shelter for those in need. As the Global Village personnel at Habitat Hong Kong, I recruit volunteers to travel abroad to work hand-in-hand with others around the world to build homes for individuals and families in need of decent housing.”

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Kandy Wong / Celebrity
(Joined 2017 Cambodia Build & 2013 Sichuan Build)

“Living with your family is important. That’s why I want the Siem Reap families we helped to have their own house, to make their families united and live happily.”

Olivia Wong / Board Chair of Habitat for Humanity Hong Kong
(Joined Habitat build every year since 2005, volunteered in Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Nepal, China, Mongolia, etc for more than 13 build projects)

“Give them a home, not just build a house.”

Geoffrey / Volunteer
(Participated in 2018 Myanmar Build, 2016 Vietnam Build)

“There are different types of volunteer opportunities, however, building a home is the most attractive choice for me as the outcome is so visible.”

Deep Yeung / Volunteer
(Volunteered in 2016 & 2017 Habitat Young Leaders Build)

“It’s easy for young people like us to do renovation work, but not for those more elderly, especially moving furniture and climbing up and down.”


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