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The new motivation to thrive

Huy’s children were in need of an adequate place to keep healthy and study.

Nguyen Van Huy and his wife Nguyen Thi Bang lived with their family in Hamlet 5, Tien Canh commune, Tien Phuoc district, Quang Nam province, in Vietnam. They were one of the poorest families in their hamlet, living in a 25 square metre house next to a rice field, only accessible by a muddy earth track. Their home was rundown, with rotten bamboo thatch walls and tarpaulin sheets that did not stop monsoon rains coming in and making their children sick. The house was at risk of collapse during heavy rain, and they had to ask neighbours for shelter when there was a typhoon or a big storm.

Huy shared: “My wife and I were desperate. The house was dilapidated. Our children usually got sick when it came to monsoon season. No matter how hard we tried, our income was hardly enough for basic necessities and medication for kids, let alone home repairs.”

Understanding the family’s challenges, Habitat for Humanity Vietnam provided the family with a grant of approximately US$1,400 and a loan of around US$900 to build a new home of 36 square metres, big enough for two bedrooms and one bathroom.

The new home is a source of pride for the family

“We truly appreciate Habitat for Humanity. Without you, a decent home was out of reach. My children’s health has been better since they started living in a safe and warm place. Most of all, Habitat has given us a motivation to thrive”, said Huy.

The stable house has provided Huy and his family with security and safety. The children do not get sick as often and enjoy playing on a clean, tiled floor. There is no longer a scenario when they would have to evacuate to a neighbour’s house. Huy is now making plans or a better future. He wishes for Habitat to continue to grow, so that many more economically marginalised families will be able to improve their living conditions.


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