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Street Fundraising

In view of the soaring demand for decent and adequate housing around the world, a stable and recurrent donation from you will enable Habitat for Humanity to carry out more effective and sustainable work in improving living conditions for the vulnerable groups. We have launched the street fundraising campaign since July 2015 to invite public to be our ‘Hope Builders’.

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Why is street fundraising important to us?

We believe that street fundraising is the most powerful and the most cost-effective way to solicit public support for our work of helping families in need of adequate housing worldwide. It is an indispensable part of our fundraising effort because it provides us a valuable opportunity to increase brand awareness within the community. Our Fundraising Ambassadors can meet with the public face-to-face in the street to convey and promote our work.

Our Fundraising Ambassadors will assist you in filling out the donation forms on site. Please note that our Fundraising Ambassadors will NOT accept cash donations.

(Locations of Fundraising Ambassadors)


@Habitat for Humanity Hong Kong/Edmond Ho

How to identify our Fundraising Ambassadors?

Our Fundraising Ambassadors, who dress in t-shirt with Habitat logo, wearing a working pass, carry folders with Habitat information and registration documents, are working in various locations, such as MTR exits, flyovers and subways, bus stations, ferry piers or in shopping malls to introduce our work to the public.

If you happen to see our Fundraising Ambassadors on the street, you are welcome to talk to them for information about our monthly donation campaign, or to get to know our work. We sincerely hope that you can sign up as our ‘Hope Builders’ and help us build homes and hope of many families in dire need of adequate housing beyond the border.

For enquiries, please contact us at 2520 4006 from Monday to Friday at 10:00 to 17:00 or send an email to hopebuilders@habitat.org.hk


Face-to-Face Monthly Giving Alliance

In order to maintain professionalism and devise guidelines for street fundraising practices as well as to enhance the public’s understanding on their right to know before engaging into monthly giving, Habitat for Humanity Hong Kong becomes a member of the ‘Face-to-Face Monthly Giving Alliance’. The Alliance is a charity-led self-regulatory membership body that establishes, maintains and improves professional standards of F2F monthly donors’ recruitment; requires members’ compliance to the Code; enables practice sharing on F2F monthly donors’ recruitment among charitable organizations; and promotes accountable face-to-face fundraising practices with an aim to increases public’s awareness on their right to know.
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