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Sri Lanka Flood

More than 20,000 homes have been destroyed or damaged by flooding and landslides in Sri Lanka

Habitat for Humanity to assist those affected

Floods and landslides in Sri Lanka’s southern and southwestern districts have killed more than 200 people, nearly 580,000 people were affected and left more than 20,000 of homes damaged. Global non-profit housing organisation Habitat for Humanity has launched a fundraising appeal to support families affected by the disaster with shelter needs, and to rebuild homes once the flood waters have receded.

The floods displaced more than 500,000 people. Photo: Reuter

“A week of torrential rain has caused landslides and destroyed or damaged the homes of more than 20,000 families in Sri Lanka. Shelter is crucially needed in the aftermath of a disaster, alongside provision of medical care, food and clean water. We are appealing for funds so we can support families with immediate shelter needs now, and to later rebuild homes,” said Heron Holloway, CEO, Habitat for Humanity Hong Kong.

The landslide sites in Bellana village in Kalutara, Sri Lanka. Photo: Reuters

Habitat for Humanity has operated in Sri Lanka since 1995, supporting families affected by the Indian Ocean tsunami and internally displaced people to secure decent shelter, among other programmes.

The cover photo from: European Press Photo Agency


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