Habitat for Humanity Hong Kong

Our campus chapter at ESF South Island School is newly formed!

Why is Habitat campus chapter needed in your campus/community?

Housing conditions are a prominent social issue in Hong Kong. Through establishing this campus chapter, we aim to highlight and engage students with the housing issue. Our school philosophy is “Making a Difference”. This encompassed both ourselves and the community. Therefore, we feel that a campus chapter would accomplish this goal. We believe that Habitat’s way of allowing younger volunteers to take a practical role in helping the community is a fulfilling experience and is one that we would like to be able to share with other students in our school.

Our leadership team is comprised of 4 Year 13 students (Oliver Blyth, Todd Tsang, Olivia Choi, and Manya Khanduri) with a cross-section of nationalities and religious affiliations. We aim to open the group to the wider school community and allow everyone interested in this issue to participate in our campus chapter.

“Project Home Works was a fantastic experience. I can’t wait to be part of it again.” Oliver said. He is the new president of SIS’s campus chapter. (Left)

“Granted, homelessness is a big problem, but the standard of living for the disadvantaged should also be taken into consideration – everyone should be treated equally and with dignity.” Todd said. He is the new vice-president of SIS’s campus chapter. (Right)

What are your goals for your first year?

We will hold several advocacy events throughout the year, including representing Habitat at “Making Links”. This event is a charity fair for organisations within Hong Kong. It allows students to find charities that they could volunteer with in the future. We would also organise talks on housing issue in Hong Kong and the volunteer opportunities for students with Habitat. We will encourage students within our group to take action and participate in Project Home Works throughout the year. We also launch an Instagram page to help with our goals of recruiting volunteers and raising awareness.  (@habitat_sis)

We will organise a fundraising week in partnership with one of the school houses during their “making a difference” week. This would involve several events throughout the week to raise funds and awareness for Habitat’s mission and volunteer opportunities.

What involvement has your group had with Habitat Hong Kong’s activities so far?

Our group participated in Project Home Works in 2019. This inspired us to establish the first campus chapter in our school. We have also participated in the Habitat Young Leaders Build MyBuilDiary competition. We have been in contact with the representative from Habitat Hong Kong to organise the establishment of this chapter. From our previous experience with Habitat, we are confident that we would effectively partner with Habitat Hong Kong to achieve the four functions of the campus chapter. The aforementioned talk with South Island School students has also taken place. We are very thankful for the representatives that gave the eye-opening and interactive talk.

We would like to thank Benet Doeringer for inspiring us and giving us the means of starting this campus chapter in the first place. Benet was a South Island School student who graduated in the 2019-2020 academic year.


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