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Safer Home for Shabana

Collecting water used to be a daily struggle for Shabana, a 30-year-old mother of 4, who lives in Talab camp in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Things have changed since Habitat for Humanity Bangladesh installed wells in the community and provided water filters for home use. Shabana is among some 3,000 people who received AusAID-funded training in Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WaSH) and waste management.

© Habitat for Humanity International
© Habitat for Humanity International

“Everyone is feeling good and happy that something has been done for the community,” said Shabana.

With Habitat’s help, Shabana replaced the old mud floor of her house with a cement floor. The home is now more comfortable for Shabana, and her 3 daughters and a son. Shabana became the sole breadwinner after her husband left the family 5 years ago. Shabana and her 2 older daughters, Popy, 13, and Roshni, 10, work from home. By sewing beads on shoes, they earn about 1,000 taka (HKD 100) a week. More importantly, replacing the flimsy wooden door with a steel door which can be locked has made the family of mostly females feel more secure.


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