Habitat for Humanity Hong Kong

Ricky Lam

Canadian International School of Hong Kong

In volunteering for Habitat for Humanity, I learned about aspects of life that I used to take for granted, especially about housing. I got to observe and get hands-on experience on the process of house building. It made me appreciate the work that goes into making a home, especially the methods that used more manual labour. Through this experience, I realised the importance of being able to give back to the community. Even if it is not through direct action such as building houses, I learned that it was important to help others. The most satisfying part of my volunteering experience was the entire process of building. Working with my peers and enjoying the time we had to just work was very valuable to me, as I could get to know them more through the experience as we worked towards a common goal. Watching the house go from empty on day one to almost near completion on day three was very surreal. Taking action one step at a time seemed like a very slow process, but after the three days of work, seeing the completed result was very satisfying.


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