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A House Can Shape Quan’s Family’s Future

Uncle Quan’s family locates in the countryside of Nanxiong City. He is 56 years old and has a 20-year-old daughter named A-Wei. Although Mr. Quan works hard on farming, it is still challenging for him to maintain the family expenses, so he did part-time jobs to earn supplemental income between the agricultural seasons. A few years ago, he had a rectal cancer operation. After that, he needed regular medication and a follow-up. The surgery and treatment cost took up most of the family’s savings. Having lost the ability to do heavy physical labour, Mr. Quan could not engage in agricultural work and part-time labour jobs which led the family to be caught in financial difficulties. Ranked as a low-income household, the family receives a governmental monthly allowance of RMB 450 (HKD 490). This year, A-Wei starts her first year of study in college, which brings joy but also financial pressure to the family at the same time. Mr. Quan recently found a job that doesn’t require much physical effort in another city that generates a monthly income of RMB 1,500 (HKD 1,630) which is hardly enough for them to afford their living cost and medication.  

Quan’s family lives in a mud-brick house built more than 50 years ago. There is no tap water nor sanitation facility inside. The rooms are dark and damp, with cracks and small holes on the mud-walls and roof tiles. The rainwater drips down and causes the floor to be wet and un-hygienic. Such an old house has been assessed as dangerous and not suitable for living.

Mr. Quan and A-Wei dream of a new home of 60 square meters consist of baked brick-walls and reinforce concrete structures, with running water and washroom that cost about RMB 65,000 (HKD 70,600). The government has granted a subsidy of RMB 43,500 (HKD 47,250) for the family to build a new house. However, the family has no savings left nor other resources such as construction fund. After learning about the difficulties that Quan’s family was facing, we decided to provide the needed fund to help them to build their new house so that they could have a safe and clean new home soon. A-Wei will also be able to study in college without worrying about leaving her dad alone in an unsafe old house, and instead focus on preparing for a better future for the family.


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