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Project Home Works

For most people in Hong Kong, the city is perhaps home of satisfactory living standard. However, a lot of social problems in the city remain invisible to us. Only if every one of us extends a helping hand, we can together achieve big social changes. Habitat for Humanity launches the Project Home Works which targets to help low income families, the elderly and the physically-disabled by providing house repairing services. The project strives to bring better homes, build community and convey hope to the society.

Throughout the project, Habitat for Humanity partners with different non-profit and social services organizations in search for families and people in need. A lot of our home partners especially the elderly and physically disabled, who owing to  old age and physical restrictions, cannot clean their homes regularly, not to mention repairing the broken parts. However, potential household traps threaten their safety. Project Home Works thus steps in and hopes to return them a bright and clean home with hope.

Project Home Works involves volunteers and allows them to experience directly the unsatisfactory living conditions of the home partners. Through the program, the volunteers not only bring warmth to our home partners by talking to them, but can also share their experience with friends and families, thus raising awareness towards poverty housing problems.

Project Home Works is held regularly throughout the year. Be part of the Habitat for Humanity team and bring home, community and hope to more families! Sign up now: http://bit.ly/BeOurVolunteers

Audience: Anyone who is interested in serving the community. Experience in home repairs and renovation is not required.
Age requirement: Aged 18 or above
Types of work: Wall Painting, fix peeling ceiling, house cleaning, etc.


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