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Nepal Flood

Over 319,200 families in Nepal were affected by flooding, Habitat for Humanity assists those affected

Torrential rain from 10 August 2017 has caused widespread flooding and landslides in Nepal. According to the Ministry of Home Affairs and Nepal Red Cross, over 140 people have died and more than 79,000 homes have been destroyed, with over 144,000 houses damaged. More than 319,200 families have been affected, while over 87,600 families have been displaced. Habitat for Humanity has launched a fundraising appeal to support families affected by the disaster with shelter needs, and to rebuild homes once the flood waters have receded.

Damage to farming land in Nepal. Photo credit to: Agence France-Presses

Lacking food and shelter, displaced families now face the risk of outbreaks of water-borne diseases. Habitat for Humanity is mobilizing staff and volunteers to clean flood-affected houses and communities. Tarpaulins, rope, mosquito nets and chlorine-based water purifiers were also distributed to the needy families for them to repair their homes and access clean water.


Habitat for Humanity has operated in Nepal since 1995.  We also supported the reconstruction work after the earthquake in 2015. Besides Nepal, India and Bangladesh have also suffered from the flooding. Habitat for Humanity are closely monitoring the situation and will provide support if needed.

A man rests in his house damaged by flooding. Photo Credit to: CNN


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