Habitat for Humanity Hong Kong

Ruth Siu

Canadian International School of Hong Kong

Small action, huge impact – China Young Leaders Build

Growing up in the modern city of Hong Kong, I never had to worry about not having a decent place to live. On the other hand, the small village in Conghua, simple and crude, was much different from the environment which I live and grew up in. During the two days at the worksite, I took on a range of different tasks, from mixing cement to carrying bricks and laying bricks. Watching the brick walls become taller hour by hour, day by day, I realised that I was making an impact. We did not build complete houses ready for families to live in, nor did we solve the global problem of inadequate housing. Yet, it was clear to me that each and every volunteer tried their best to fulfil each given role and task. Most importantly, participated with the intention of potentially helping a community, or even one individual. I believe that one small action taken by each individual will come together to form a meaningful impact. 

From thought to action – Paint Your Hammer @ CDNIS

After my first experience at the China Young Leaders Build, I applied for the HFH club executive team at my school, currently holding the position as the Co-executive officer. My role in the club was to plan and organise an annual fundraising event, Paint Your Hammer. We ordered wooden cutouts in the shape of a hammer – a tool used in house construction. Each student was given a piece of wooden cutout to draw and decorate on, while we share our personal experiences and what we do as a club. This event has given me an opportunity to apply my personal strengths to volunteer work, from contacting suppliers and stakeholders, to finalising details of the event, we took action in our school community, hoping to raise awareness amongst a younger generation. I am confident that our fundraising efforts will leave a long lasting impact on future generations. 




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