Habitat for Humanity Hong Kong

Joanne To

Canadian International School of Hong Kong 

This year was my first year being part of the Habitat for Humanity chapter both as an executive and general member. I had always wanted to join the club as I had looked up to Habitat since a young age. I have been at CDNIS for 13 years, and during my lower school years I often participated in the various paint your blank events and saw pictures of the many build trips the students went on. I vividly remember a sculpture/model of a house on the ninth floor entrance of our school that outlined what Habitat did and pictures from their build trip. Ever since I laid my eyes on that structure many years ago, I had always wanted to go on a build trip when I was of age. 

Though I have yet to go on a build trip this year due to various unforeseen circumstances, I was extremely glad to help participate and plan the paint your brick event this year. I had not known the amount of planning and detail that went into the activity and was able to learn a lot from the experience. I really enjoyed learning more about the business side of our club as well as how we get and create all the materials needed. I think that this really taught me a lot about being organised and having good management skills among others. Since I was the media manager, I also learnt a lot of editing shortcuts and improved my editing skills. I also enjoyed spending time with the other executives as I thought we had a rather fun time together planning and talking, and overall bonded a lot over the years. 

I think the most satisfying part this year was picking up the kids from paint your brick and sitting with them at the tables. It was great seeing their faces light up with happiness over such a small activity. 

I learnt more about how important and how big the problem of lack of adequate housing is, not even in Hong Kong but in the rest of Asia and worldwide. I think that this year with the club really opened my eyes to all the problems and how we can all contribute to try and make the world a better place, one house at a time.

I really enjoyed my experience with Habitat this year and hope to continue helping out the community and supporting the club for many years to come!


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