Habitat for Humanity Hong Kong

Ivan Yeung

Canadian International School of Hong Kong

I joined Habitat for Humanity because I supported their cause. I enjoyed the activities that they host with the added bonus of knowing that you are raising money to help support those in need. Although many events and fundraisers were cancelled, we were still able to host the Paint Your Brick fundraiser. This fundraiser raised over $30,000 to subsidise the build trip that was cancelled. The Paint Your Brick event was lively and convivial with kids enjoying themselves and chatting with Habitat members and volunteers. The Habitat experience was a memorable and enjoyable experience. The reason why I joined Habitat is because Habitat allows you to feel good about yourself while also making others happy. I used to see Habitat events when I was younger and I always thought that what they did was very meaningful and engaging, so I wanted to join and help. My first year at Habitat was amazing and I look forward to all future Habitat events, whether I am in the club or just participating in their event.


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