Habitat for Humanity Hong Kong

Olivia Curley

Canadian International School of Hong Kong

For the past 3 summers, I have travelled alongside my church to Cambodia on a one week service trip. We have built wells and houses for the villagers and seeing how our actions have made such a big impact on their lives have been very rewarding. It was an eye opening experience that I would never forget. Habitat for Humanity offers the same experience through build trips to Thailand / China, and Project Home works / School works in Hong Kong. 

In Hong Kong, luxury high rise residences exist cheek-by-jowl with poorly maintained substandard housing. Unbelievably expensive housing and shortage has caused unacceptable living conditions for those who cannot afford adequate housing. I have visited cage homes in Mong Kok and learning about their living conditions has inspired me to take action within my community in hopes to be able to bring change and make an impact, no matter how big or small. 

I think it’s very important for kids to understand their privilege from a young age and to be empathetic towards those that are less fortunate than them. This is why I chose to be a part of the CDNIS chapter of Habitat Hong Kong. I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to work alongside people with the same passions. Our most notable event is our annual Paint Your Brick event. During the event, we educate kids from age 4-12 on the grassroot struggles of underprivileged people while they paint an object that signifies Habitat’s cause. With the support of our teachers and parents, we raised over $31,000! I’m very grateful to be leading the CDNIS Habitat Executive Team where we aim towards the same goal – A world where everyone has a decent place to live.




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