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Long awaited new home for family in Yaojia

Yaojia Township of Jiange County is located in one of the poorest areas in China. In 2016, over a thousand of rural households still lived in the dilapidated mud-houses. From January 2017 to June 2018, Habitat China partnered with 48 low-income rural families to build safe, adequate and affordable houses through provision of interest-free housing loan, volunteers and house construction.

Xingzhi Zhang (alias) is one of our partners. Xingzhi got bone cancer and lost his right leg 20 years ago. His wife is a migrant worker in Beijing to support the family, their son and a daughter also left their father too when they have grown up and become migrant workers. Although they worked very hard, they were still unable to afford to build a new home and Xingzhi had to live in the dilapidated mud-house for almost 40 years with Xingzhi’s old parents.


Habitat China lent RMB20,000 interest- free loan to realize Xingzhi’s dream for a new home. He said, ” If I still lived in my old house, I might have no place to sleep as the old house was unsafe and leaked seriously. ” Xingzhi’s new home is built with tap water, a separate toilet and kitchen. With the loan, Guozhi installed a seating toilet, which is much more convenient for a person with disability.

Xingzhi wishes to repay the loan as soon as possible, as he wanted to be the ‘love messenger’ – who give money back to the community housing fund, in order to circulate the money and send a caring message to his neighbors who in need of safe and affordable housing.


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