Habitat for Humanity Hong Kong

Kashish Mulchand

Canadian International School of Hong Kong

Last year, I volunteered for Habitat for Humanity Project School Works. In this project, we aimed to create a more friendly school environment for schools that needed renovation. We helped paint murals and games such as hopscotch to enhance school environments and make it more playful. When talking to the children, they believed that just having some colour in their life really made learning a better experience. Through this experience, I learnt that having a good environment plays a big factor in improved education. Personally, this experience made me realise how invaluable education is and how many people take their education for granted. I believe that this experience really allows people to understand other people’s situations and the extent to which it impacts their education. The most satisfying part of the work was seeing the end product, comparing the original photos to the new ones. This allowed us to envision the children on the campus, hoping they liked the upgrades. I became aware of education problems in Hong Kong. When speaking to the organisers of the event, we learnt about the education system and how many students drop out early to support their family. Habitats mission is to make sure everyone has a safe place to live but also to build hope. I believe this event created a sense of community and raised awareness. Furthermore, this event allowed the volunteers to take direct action which really allowed us to understand the educational environment of some children in Hong Kong.


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