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Grandma Wong’s Nightmare

“I was once awakened by the flaking off paint chips in the midnight.”

“It was a terrible nightmare that the dust and paint was falling onto my face, ” said the 70 year-old Grandma Wong, who has been living in Wah Fu Estate for more than 40 years.  After decades of wear and tear, there was not a single wall and ceiling in decent condition. In particular Grandma Wong’s bedroom, where was the most affected area, the flaking paint even fell on her bed. Grandma Wong was feeling helpless, she even couldn’t sleep well because the ‘nightmare’ caused by the dilapidated ceiling still lingered. Despite being self-sufficient, Grand Wong, like all other elderly people, is facing immense difficulties in taking care of her house due to her old age.

On 15 June, volunteers took part in Project Home Works came to Grandma Wong’s house to repair the ceiling for her bedroom. After knowing Grandma Wong’s situation, our volunteers decided to bring her back a peaceful sleeping time.  The volunteers tried their best to scrape the peeling paint from the ceiling in the bedroom, and painted it in a soft white colour. The work was harsh and tiring, everyone was soaked sweat and covered in dust. However, motivated by the hope of giving Grandma Wong a peaceful sleeping time, no one would like to stop and take a rest. “I’m happy to sweat as it is meaningful that my effort can bring a better living condition to someone, “said Kathy, one of the volunteers who was painting the ceiling with a satisfied smile.

The renovation was done by the volunteers finally with their concerted effort. Then, they started their cleaning works for Grandma Wong’s house. Being self-sufficient all the time, Grandma Wong is not used to receive help from others. “I am sorry to bring you trouble, please leave the cleaning work for me,” Grandma Wong said and she was a bit embarrassing. However, strived to create an adequate and comfortable home for Grandma Wong, the volunteers insisted to get the job done. After a whole day of hectic works, our volunteers turned the dilapidated ceiling to a bright and new one.

Sitting on the public corridor to watch the volunteers’ work, Grandma Wong was delighted by their hard work and of course, the new ceiling. She couldn’t help but expressed thanks to the volunteers:

“Thank you for your help, I am so happy to have a new ceiling.”

With the new ceiling, Grandma Wong can sleep well and have a sweet dream.


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