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A Wish Come True

“My wish was to have a house to live like other people. I had to think about my daughter’s future. She is wonderful and smart and talkative. Although she is only this big, if you ask her for help, she’ll help you. My hope is to see her have a bright future. If she has a great future and is happy, I am already happy,” said Loem Makara with a gentle smile.

Loem Makara and Van Nary are young parents of a four-year-old girl. Loem lost his leg when he was a boy and left school after ninth grade. He now runs a small business in the local market in Kandal province, repairing and selling used electrical goods. Van stays home to take care of their daughter, Bicheka. After the couple got married in 2010, they lived in a rented storeroom in the capital Phnom Penh. They spent up to half of their monthly income of USD 200 to 300 on rent. After the couple has partnered with Habitat Cambodia to build their house in Kandal, they have been able to save between USD 150 a month.


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