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Habitat for Humanity Hong Kong Granted HK$5,099,000 by Hong Kong Government to support families affected by Cyclone Amphan in West Bengal, India

Hong Kong, 28 July 2020 – Habitat for Humanity Hong Kong has received a grant of HK$5,099,000 from the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government’s Disaster Relief Fund to provide relief to cyclone victims in West Bengal, India.

Super Cyclone Amphan is considered to be the strongest to hit the region in over a decade. It killed 86 people in West Bengal and forced over 800,000 people to seek shelter in flood rescue centres. Apart from the devastation left by Amphan since May, West Bengal is among the top 10 states in India that are the worst affected by COVID-19. This situation makes the rescue and recovery work difficult. “We are so grateful to the HKSAR Disaster Relief Fund for this grant. As one of just a few organisations specialising in shelter, we are uniquely qualified and able to support affected families address their emergency shelter needs. Through the provision of emergency shelter, household and hygiene kits, we will help families displaced by the cyclone to recover quickly and start rebuilding their lives. We provide safety and hope in the aftermath of the devastation,” said Jo Hayes, CEO of Habitat for Humanity Hong Kong. Through the grant, we will help 5,778 families affected by Cyclone Amphan in West Bengal, with the distribution of shelter kits, hygiene kits and household kits.

In a press release issued on 27 July 2020, a spokesman for the HKSAR Government said the Disaster Relief Fund Advisory Committee hoped that the grant would facilitate the provision of timely relief to the victims and help them restore their normal living. Habitat will submit an evaluation report and an audited account on the use of the grant after the relief project has been completed. We have worldwide experience of responding to disasters. This is our twelfth grant from the HKSAR Disaster Relief Fund. The previous grants have been used to assist our relief work after the Sichuan earthquake (2013), Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines (2014), the Nepal earthquake (2015), two cyclones affecting Fiji and Bangladesh (2016), flooding in Vietnam, Nepal and India (2016-2019).

Photo source: South China Morning Post




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