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Concerns on housing issues

People without secure land tenure are often also the most poor and vulnerable, and live with the threat of forced eviction.

What can we do:

- Help families to understand their rights to land and gain secure title where possible
- Encourage governments to fairly implement land laws
- Work with communities and governments to improve living conditions in informal settlements, such as urban slums, and protect residents from eviction

768 million lack access to safe water and 2.5 billion do not have adequate sanitation.

What can we do:

- Improving access to safe water sources by building community wells, pumps and filtration systems
- Access to toilets and hygiene training for communities, so households can start to adopt healthier practices
- Involving the community in renovation of existing facilities including cleaning drains and repairing communal bathrooms and toilets

Worldwide, half of the adult population does not have an account at a formal financial institution. Accessing finance to purchase a home is extremely limited. On average, only 3 percent of the population in developing economies has a mortgage.

What can we do:

- Linking families to informal finance institutions that provide microloans to upgrade or repair their homes or start small businesses
- Educate people in financial literacy and motivate them to save through community savings groups

The demand for secure, decent housing is extremely high but remains unaffordable for many in developing countries. The high costs of land and building materials mean the urban poor build housing with cheaper materials which are not durable, making them even more vulnerable to the effects of natural disasters.

What can we do:

- Encouraging the use of local, sustainable and affordable building materials
- Offering technical assistance and training in safe construction methods
- Upgrading existing homes, to be stronger and safer
- Ensuring new homes are built to better withstand natural disasters
- Community development

People living in informal settlements experience higher levels of crime, violence and insecurity.

What can we do:

- Ensuring that community members are active in planning and implementing improvements to their community
- Organising and training community associations, and linking them with funding sources
- Planning community facilities that are safe for children and adults alike, such as pre-schools, youth centres, and meeting places
- Strengthening and working with community organisations to build trust and to enhance a higher sense of community spirit


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