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An Architect’s Promises

When I became a licensed architect more than ten years ago, I pledged to provide shelter for those in need. As the Global Village personnel at Habitat Hong Kong, I recruit volunteers to travel abroad to work hand-in-hand with others around the world to build homes for individuals and families in need of decent housing.

I am Sita, Volunteer Engagement Senior Officer at Habitat for Humanity Hong Kong!

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought unprecedented challenges to many parts of the world. Out of an abundance of caution for the health and safety of our volunteers, staff, partners and the people we serve, Global Village builds are suspended for the rest of this year and all local builds in Hong Kong have been suspended. While we cannot physically build at the moment, it is important not to forget about the needs of those we serve. In the meantime, what we can do is to broaden our reach, raise funds and prepare for our future programs.

The model house in the video was built as a simple replica of the actual house I built alongside other volunteers during Cambodia Big Build 2019. I spent a week in Sambour Village, Siem Reap last November building a house for a young couple and their infant daughter. This model house not only represents that particular house I helped build, but I also want to signify and share with others what Habitat’s vision of decent housing for Siem Reap is. I also make a video, which shows volunteers sanded bamboo to make the floor for the interior, nailed them together, mixed cement to make the landing for the stairs, put the exterior walls up, painted the windows and walls, etc. I wanted to show how a decent home in Cambodia was built from the ground up while highlighting all the hard labour our volunteers had performed out of passion.

In Fiscal Year 2019 alone, the Asia-Pacific region hosted 316 teams of over 5,600 volunteers through Global Village builds. During the same period, Habitat Hong Kong has engaged over 2,000 volunteers serving almost 7,000 beneficiaries. Our generous supporters have helped sustain our work in Hong Kong for 15 years. You can help spread the need of decent housing by building a house with materials around your home. We are also doing work with limited resources.

We are blessed with the support of volunteers, who dedicate their time, effort and sweat. Our work cannot be done without them. Join us and be our volunteers now: http://bit.ly/BeOurVolunteers


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