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Speak up and make an impact

Habitat for Humanity has served 6.8 million people since we were founded in 1976. There is no question that our work has made an impact. But as powerful as that has been, some 1.6 billion people still live in poverty housing and another 100 million have no home at all. Worse yet, it is projected that by 2030, more than 2 billion will live in urban slums around the world. We recognize that building homes is just the beginning.

To address the level of need, the global Habitat for Humanity network must be well-utilised. We advocate for decent, adequate and affordable housing to be globally accessible as it is a basic right of all, and it is a crucial foundation in helping low-income families break the cycle of poverty. Our advocacy is based on our deep understanding of housing and its role in ending poverty. We believe that when more voices come together for such a common cause, people notice and changes happen.There are many ways to use our voice to break the cycle of poverty through housing.

Raising Awareness

© Habitat for Humanity Hong Kong/Kelena Poon
© Habitat for Humanity Hong Kong/Kelena Poon

We seek to increase public understanding and involvement in eliminating poverty housing problems, achieving Habitat for Humanity’s mission of realizing a world where everyone has a decent place to live with the help of everyone’s voice. Each year, we organize various events such as the Under No Roof Campaign and different builds. Through participating in the events, the public will become more aware of the relationship between poverty and housing, and how Habitat’s work is contributing to tackling the problems. We are able to spread the messages and bring about changes.

Seeking Solutions

© Habitat for Humanity Hong Kong/Ray Tsang
© Habitat for Humanity Hong Kong/Ray Tsang

Apart from awareness-raising campaigns, Habitat for Humanity seeks to influence policies by drawing on cross-sectorial expertise to provide innovative housing solutions and improved systems as a way to remove barriers to adequate, affordable housing worldwide. Housing Forum is one of the leading events in the region. Under the theme of “Building Impact”, the 5th Asia-Pacific Housing Forum was recently held in Hong Kong. The 3-day event scheduled from 2 to 4 September, 2015 engaged over 1000 leaders and experts in developing and delivering sustainable solutions for poverty housing issues. With more professional voices, we can bring changes that advance affordable housing.

Soliciting Support

© Habitat for Humanity Hong Kong/Ray Tsang
© Habitat for Humanity Hong Kong/Ray Tsang

Public support is an indispensable part of Habitat’s advocacy success. We enlist support not only from individuals but also corporates and governments. Together, we bring forward the message of decent, adequate and affordable housing can lift people out of poverty. During the World Habitat Day on 5 October, 2015, together with our partners and supporters including US Consulate, American Chamber of Commerce, American Women Associations, etc., we vowed to create a world where everyone has a decent place to live.  With more support, we are able to influence in many more ways to achieve our mission.

With your voice, we can create safe and decent housing for people around the world.

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